Nordic Battery Thursday – 2nd life battery webinar recording available – 18.1.2024

Recording for Nordic Battery Thursday webinar published

On January 18, 2024 TREASoURcE project partners SINTEF, Ekokumppanit and Business Tampere organized a webinar in co-operation with Business Finland, Business Sweden, Innovation Norway and Nordic Innovation where information was shared about the opportunities, challenges and future trends for repurposed batteries. Guests from various organizations such as Eco Stor, RISE and Sandvik joined and shared they views on the topic.

The recording of the webinar is now available on Nordic Battery Thursday’s webpage: NORDIC BATTERY THURSDAYS – Webinars 2024 (


During the event audience could ask questions through the chat. Received questions are answered below.

  1. What is the pricing of the SLB after being used in car for instance?

Based on Research Institutes of Sweden’s (RISE) publication the price of new lithium-ion battery is around 130 €/kWh. Price may vary depending for example on battery chemistry and location. Remanufacturing cost is ~76€/kWh and the sales price is around 100 €/kWh.



  1. Are there any mandatory regulator or certificate which should be obtained to deployment a second-life energy storage system?

Many of the standards that apply to new batteries also apply to  repurposed batteries, but there are also standards that apply only to repurposed batteries.

ANSI/CAN/UL 1974 – the Standard for Evaluation for Repurposing Batteries: Standard provides requirements for the sorting and grading process of batteries that are intended for repurposing. The standard also covers application specific requirements for repurposed battery packs/systems and battery packs/systems utilizing repurposed modules, cells and other components.

Source: UL Certification Helps Promote Repurposing of Electric Vehicle (EV) Batteries | UL Solutions

IEC is working on upcoming standards for repurposed batteries:

  • IEC 63330: Requirements for reuse of secondary batteries: The standard will provide requirements and test methods for the reuse of secondary batteries and systems (excluding NiMH/Pb)
  • IEC 63338: General guidance for reuse of secondary cells and batteries: General guidance for reuse of secondary cells and batteries where the scope is extended to NiMH batteries and not limited to Li-Ion batteries.

Source: International Electrotechnical Commissioning, IEC


  1. Do you also see a future for a life (a third life) after being used in a 2nd life environment?

The idea is generally that after the 2nd life, it will not be possible to use the batteries further. The storage capacity will have diminished to less than 50% of its original capacity, leading to significantly decreased reliability and also increased safety risks. Thus, after 2nd life applications, it will be recommended that the batteries go to recycling.

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