Systemic CE solutions

The systemic circular economy (CE) solutions will integrate the two main elements of TREASoURcE: stakeholder engagement demonstrations and key value chain demonstrations.

TREASoURcE will boost the circularity of currently incinerated, exported, landfilled or dumped plastics, batteries and biobased side and waste streams by executing replicable demonstrations across the value chains and with relevant stakeholders. The stakeholder engagement demonstrations interlink with the key value chain demonstrations, and involve broad range of stakeholders like businesses, decision makers, consumers and local communities and innovate with them. The key value chain demonstrations include development and scale-up of technical solutions that link to circular plastics, batteries and biobased side and waste streams.

The systemic CE solutions support the regions in introducing CE practices to their citizens and businesses to help:


Decouple from fossil virgin resources and excess raw material consumption


Increase resilience (self-sufficiency, value chain security, environment and nature)


Decrease GHG emissions and contribute to climate neutral economies

TREASoURcE focuses on demonstrating the CE solutions in cities and regions located in the Nordic countries including Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The demonstrations will be replicated in the Baltic Sea Region countries, namely Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Northern Germany. The combination of the cities and regions will enable large reach and bigger impact and boost the replicability and scalability potential of the CE solutions. A common issue relating to the TREASoURcE regions is low and decentralised volumes of the targeted waste streams. This generates further challenges in operational feasibility and security due to challenges in securing sufficient feedstock qualities and quantities. TREASoURcE efficiently targets to solve issues as described and has a nurturing environment within the regions to demonstrate and replicate the developed solutions. The regions have ambitious climate and environmental targets, motivated decision makers and – where it all starts – driven and interested citizens and communities.

Stakeholder engagement demos

Circular plastics

Circular batteries

Biobased side and waste streams