Biobased side and waste streams

Creating circular economy markets, business models and biobased value chains while boosting the urban-rural symbiosis

The future circular bioeconomy must be based on the efficient use of raw materials that also supports the use of local resources. Working closely with farmers, other industries, municipalities, and regions, TREASoURcE will create circular bioeconomy markets and business models, support the formation of biobased value chains and explore the possibilities of using urban and rural waste and side streams.

TREASoURcE will demonstrate the efficient formation of local value chains that use local resources for biogas and recycled fertilizers, rather than leaving them unused. This will include large-scale mapping of raw materials and optimization of logistics. The optimized side and waste stream value chains will be supported by a developed digital marketplace, which will also be replicated to other project countries.

Promoting market development for bio-streams through a digital marketplace

The TREASoURcE project has developed and launched a digital marketplace for biobased by-products and waste streams, ( The marketplace helps the sellers and the buyers of materials to find each other. The main target groups are companies that produce biobased side streams from agriculture, forestry and food processing, as well as industries that use raw materials and the public sector.

The platform can also be used to list contracting services and for feed trade. The aim of is to create new business opportunities for primary producers in a convenient way. Farms will be able to generate additional income by selling side streams and industrial operators will be provided with new raw materials.

The project cooperates with actors in the circular bioeconomy and collects new opportunities for the sector. Active communication about the possibilities of the sector will be carried out to share knowledge about the opportunities.

Powering local economies through circular bioeconomy

Pirkanmaa, Tampere region in Finland, is the main pilot area, where collaboration with municipalities is taking place to promote the use of biobased side and waste streams. Active cooperation is also conducted in Østfold and Fredrikstad. The first replications for the business models will take place in Tallinn and Tarto in Estonia, after which replication will also be promoted in Northern Europe. Best practices will be collected in the project’s Replication Handbook.

The focus of the work with municipalities has been on biogas production and nutrient recycling. In addition to agricultural side streams, such as manure, straw and grass biomasses, also municipal biowaste and sewage sludge from wastewater treatment plants have also been considered as a part of the biobased system.

Rural-urban symbiosis

The project will develop a model to promote more efficient use of urban and rural resources. The tool aims to highlight the multi-dimensional interactions that link rural and urban areas, in particular with regard to the potential of natural resources, to promote the circular economy and to develop new business models. The work is a continuation of the report published by MTK in 2020, Symbiosis between rural & urban areas ( Based on the report, TREASoURcE will create a model to help build new business models based on the circular bioeconomy.