Circular plastics

Supporting the circulation of non-recycled plastics by optimising recycling technologies, collection and logistics

TREASoURcE activities aim to create added value products from currently non-circulated plastic waste to support the market development of recycled plastics and to capture the value lost today by utilising mechanical and thermochemical recycling. The target plastic waste streams include rejects from mechanical recycling of municipal plastic waste, agricultural plastics and battery-based plastic waste. During TREASoURcE, the recyclability of these streams will be demonstrated with a target recycling rate of 90 %.

True circular economy is achieved when technologies are integrated to create an impact that no single technology can achieve. The intelligent combination of mechanical and chemical recycling approach, depending on the feedstock, will ensure that optimal circular solutions are achieved for best possible products with increased fraction of plastic waste utilized. TREASoURcE will identify best practices to match the different target plastic streams with optimum recycling processes and best possible output. Logistics will be evaluated to optimise collection chains and to seek to eliminate unnecessary transportation.

TREASoURcE will work closely with citizens and consumers to minimize possible negative impacts of plastic waste by boosting zero-waste practices, the collection of all plastic waste generated at homes and businesses, and the uptake of plastic products based on recycled plastics, which will further boost the demand for recycled plastics market.