TREASoURcE develops accessible training materials to support recycling know-how – 20.03.2024

Circular map.
The aim of the material is to teach the basics of recycling and how to apply them as an everyday civic skill.

Forum Virium Helsinki has begun to define a concept to develop consumers’ knowledge about recycling in cooperation with the City of Helsinki’s rehabilitative work activities and Disability Services’ work activities units, as well as their customers.

The aim of this development project is to create a replicable concept to support and improve the recycling know-how of consumers belonging to special groups.

The procurement concerns the design and implementation of teaching material aimed at strengthening recycling skills. The concept and digital content will be developed in collaboration with service providers specialised in recycling, pedagogy, and digital technologies.

In the second phase, the concept will be localised for Norway and Estonia as part of the TREASoURcE project.

20.3.2024 | Kaisa Sibelius (Forum Virium Helsinki),

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