Fredrikstad: Solar power and energy storage seminar and workshop – 9.4.2024

Photo: Riina Kärki

The event will focus on solar power and energy storage in large buildings and commercial areas.

The event will kick off with a seminar followed by two workshop sessions: one on solar power in Øra industry area and the other one on use of used batteries. The target group is business and industrial players in Øra industry area, in Fredrikstad and the region, owners of large buildings, contractors, architects and advisers.

At the seminar, suppliers of solar cells, batteries and control systems for commercial buildings and industry will present their solutions for building owners and industrial companies in Fredrikstad and the surrounding area. The aim is both to inform and to lower the threshold for companies to install solar and energy storage solutions, either individually or through joint solutions for business parks.

The event will feature several speakers. Among others, SINTEF will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of used batteries and, together with EcoStor, present the TREASoURcE battery demo cases. Vidar Kristoffersen, the CEO of Norgesnett will talk about solar power from a power grid perspective and the possible role of flexibility markets.

At the solar power in Øra industry workshop, we will discuss the challenges and potential of applying solar power systems in Øra industry area. There are many large roof surfaces that can be utilized, but it is not a given that all companies have the capacity to install themselves. What to do when the one with the largest roof does not have the greatest need for solar electricity generation? We will discuss the joint solutions the market can offer to Øra companies.

At the used battery workshop, we will discuss the barriers to overcome in order for used electric car batteries to have a second life as stationary energy storage systems. The purpose of the workshop is for value chain actors including potential end customers to gain and insight into the subject and share their views. The workshop findings will support the policy recommendation work in TREASoURcE.

This event is a local face-to-face event and will be held in Norwegian.

More information: Seminar: Solstrøm og energilagring på store bygg og næringsområder – Klima Østfold (

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