“Ice Hockey for Climate Action: TREASoURcE Project Champions Plastic Recycling at Helsinki’s ‘Save the Pond’ Event” -10.2.2024

“Plastics recycling in events is important” – Feedback from “Save the Pond” ice hockey event

The TREASoURcE project participated in the “Save the Pond” ice hockey event at the Brahe ice hockey rink in Helsinki, Finland, on February 10th. This initiative is part of the project’s broader efforts to engage with local stakeholders. To raise public awareness of plastics recycling and waste collection and to help weave networks between the ecosystem stakeholders, the project arranged a “SUMPPU” plastic recycling bin from the producer responsibility organization SUMI. The bin is a product of Europress and was delivered on-location by Verdis.

Approximating that similar volunteer-organized events in Helsinki might generate almost a thousand kilos of high-quality plastic waste yearly, it is notable that many Save the Pond attendees highlighted the significance of the bin’s accessibility and persuading design. During the seven-hour Save the Pond event, the attendees generated and collected 20 kilograms of high-quality plastic waste in the “Sumppu” bin. Many attendees suggested that the plastic waste bin should be placed more centrally and appear meant for general audience use. This points to a missed opportunity in recovering high-quality plastic waste from volunteer-organized events.

During the event, the TREASoURcE team engaged over 50 attendees, who were educated on waste collection and surveyed on their recycling knowledge. The “Sumppu” bin received positive feedback for its effectiveness in plastic waste collection, with all respondents emphasizing the importance of plastic recycling at events.

Originating from Canada, the “Save the Pond” initiative aims to unite the hockey community in taking climate action for the benefit of future generations. This year’s event successfully raised €15,000 for climate initiatives and featured participation from well-known figures from hockey community, including Finland’s President Sauli Niinistö, who actively took part in the tournament.

For additional details on the event and the outcomes of the interviews, contact minna.kulju@vtt.fi.

For more information about the “Save the Pond” charity ice hockey events, visit https://savepondhockey.org/.