Strategies for Circular Economy in the Nordics: a comparative analysis of directionality – 07.06.2024

Circular map.
The academic article titled “Strategies for Circular Economy in the Nordics: a comparative analysis of directionality” has been accepted for publication in the Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy, and Society.

The article systematically analyzes 39 governmental strategies, action plans and roadmaps related to the circular economy (CE) from Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark, assessing their effectiveness in providing directionally for the CE transitions.

Drawing on the D1.1 Report on “Territories’ CE activities and state-of-the-art”, the article reveals that these documents generally lack specificity and clear political vision, which undermine their potential to effectively guide the CE transition. Despite the significant political interest in CE across the Nordic countries, the strategy documents are often vague and fail to outline actionable steps. This vagueness hinders the translation of strategic goals into concrete policies and measures. The study further argues that the Nordic CE strategy documents must evolve beyond broad ambitions to include more concrete and actionable plans. Clearer political visions, well-defined roadmaps and comprehensive pathways are necessary to effectively mobilize stakeholders and achieve CE goals.

You can read the full article here.

7.6.2024 | Mari Wardeberg (SINTEF),

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