The CCRI community met for the first time in Brussels to kick-start the cooperation – 21.10.2022

The workshop was held in the premises of the European Committee of the Regions, one of the associated partners of the CCRI. Photo: CCRI-CSO
The Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (CCRI) organised a dedicated workshop for the selected pilots and fellows, and the associated projects, partners and initiatives on October 19th in Brussels. As a CCRI project, TREASoURcE was also invited to the event.

The CCRI community – an actor of change

In his welcoming words, Pavel Misiga from the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD) stressed that we are currently not moving fast enough towards circular economy practices. Local actors such as citizens and communities, local decision makers, cities and regions have an important role to play in the transition. CCRI brings together a diverse group of cities, regions (12 pilots and 25 fellows) and associated projects and partners to experiment and demonstrate circular systemic economy solutions in order to bring them to market. This translates the European Green Deal on a local level, contributing to an inclusive and just green transition for all. Local commitment and public acceptance are key to achieving the objectives of the Green Deal.

A family of projects to support circular economy transition

A total of 16 CCRI projects have so far been funded under both Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe programmes through dedicated calls over the last three years. The projects aim to demonstrate circular systemic solutions and generate knowledge for the implementation of circular economy in European cities and regions. The knowledge generated by projects such as TREASoURcE will be made available to support the CCRI community as well as cities and regions beyond this group in their circular transition. More funding opportunities will be available through CCRI in the coming months, as new calls for proposals will be opened at the end of November.

In addition to workshops targeted for the selected pilots, fellows, associated projects and partners, CCRI-CSO will organise regular webinars on cross-cutting themes, which will be made available to all interested stakeholders on the CCRI website.

21.10.2022 | Kaisa Simola (CLIC Innovation),