TREASoURcE kick-off meeting met all expectations – 2.9.2022

The Nordic and Baltic TREASoURcE project team met for the first time face-to-face in a sunny and hot Helsinki for a kick-off meeting between 16th and 18th of August 2022. TREASoURcE project delivers territorial and regional demonstrations of systemic solutions of key value chains and replicates them to deploy circular economy throughout the Nordics, the Baltic countries and beyond.

The three areas for key value chain demonstrations were well presented during the meeting and lots of questions and interest were raised from the project participants. The three areas for demonstrations are:

1. Batteries re-use as energy storage systems and their recycling value chain
2. Circular biobased side and waste streams for biogas and fertilizers
3. Circular plastics value chain

During the kick-off, we learned a lot about these three areas and what is happening in the Nordics around these waste streams as well as about the challenges linked to them. Did you know for example that two car batteries in the end-of-life stage, that show the same amount of energy levels, might in reality be in a very different stage for re-use depending on the actual use of the battery during the car lifecycle. Or that there are still lots of unused sources for biogas and fertilizers in the rural areas, but there is a lack of marketplaces for those streams. Or that plastics recycling rates are still low and there are lots of opportunities with the different phases of collection, sorting, pre-treatment and upgrading of technology for both mechanical and chemical recycling. For the targeted, currently noncirculated plastic waste streams (e.g. municipal plastic waste, agricultural plastics and battery-based plastic waste), TREASoURcE is aiming to hit the highly ambitious recycling rate of 90 %.

These demonstrations will be first piloted in several regions (Viken and Fredrikstad in Norway, Tampere and Helsinki in Finland), putting emphasis also on the local urban-rural connections. Learnings and best practices are then rolled out to several markets (Estonia, Norway, Finland, Sweden, etc.) with the help of the Replication Handbook designed and compiled during the project. TREASoURcE will create a circular economy framework for these three areas where roadmaps, value chains and regulatory frameworks are mapped. The barriers for the change will be identified and key stakeholder’s incentives and roles are defined and mapped.

We look forward to sharing the demos and insights during our common 4-year journey! Welcome to join and follow our trip towards more circular solutions, new value chains and business models. You can subscribe to our newsletter here to stay updated.

Read more about the demonstrations of systemic CE solutions here.


5.9.2022 | Tiina Laiho (CLIC Innovation),